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I had purchased several pairs of the micro-fiber underwear due to the way they fit which was very well.However, when I washed them, the waistband unravelled so badly that I had to throw them away. There were at least 3 pairs of underwear that the waistband of unravelled.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Chicago, IL I purchased another set of underwear and this has happened twice already, What is going on with your underwear? I cannot and will not purchase underwear that falls apart when you wash them. What do you as a Company plan to do about this?. The underwear is great in terms of fit, somewhat over priced as well, but washes well if they don't fall apart before you can wear them.
I would really like for you to address this problem because I would like to continue purchasing your product.

Thank you.
A Concerned Shopper

Aug 27, 2014
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      Aug 27, 2014

    You will have to contact the Fruit of the Loom company to get any results. This web site can't do anything for you. However, I have the same problem with the elastic on other brands too. I think the manufacturers are just plain being cheap when they manufacture stuff now. One brand that I have tried is so proud of their product that they even have their name all the way around on the outside of the elastic.

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