Fruit Of The Loom6 pack of bikini briefs size 6 to 8 seamless stretch

I got a receipt and your pack of underwear fruit of the loom seamless stretch size 6 to 8 I just bought do not fit as big as your size 7 or 8 so I was lied to and wasted money on a should be trusted product. I got bikini style which fit my 12 year old niece and fit me wrong in wrong places. I'm wearing a pair now that don't fit proper as promised but my size 7 and 8 sets of fruit of the loom underwear fit me fine but your size 6 to 8 seamless stretch underwear fit way smaller than your size 7 or 8 and they promised to fit your size 7 and 8. I wish they fit cuz their colors are nice and the obvious. I wish to be refunded some or all of the about 12$ I payed for underwear that broke their promise. Bad underwear.

Dec 17, 2018

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