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Sycamore, Illanois, United States
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Frontier Communications has provided my family with the worst Internet service possible which I or anyone else have ever seen. Their prices for said service are simply outrageous as they claim to be providing my family with 3MB/s of Internet, while we are lucky to even get 200 Kb/s on a good day. When you call to attempt a resolution to this problem, they simply state that there's something wrong on our end, effectively blaming someone else for their own problems. What's worse, they continue to increase the amount our Internet costs, simply because they can, as there is nothing stopping them. In our area, no other service provider is allowed to distribute Internet service, therefore we are effectively stuck with this monopolistic dirt-bag company, which never seems to fail in pissing off their customers. In short, this company is simply outrageous, and they should be thrown out by the federal government, and allow for an actually decent company with actually decent customer service to come into this region instead. I'd gladly oblige.

Jun 11, 2017

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