Frontier Communicationsdeceptive business practice

called to start service.

I called 12/17 to inquire about the cost for 100/100 internet. The representative told me I could get 100/100 internet, TV Extreme HD for 3 rooms with all DVR equipment, a router and telephone for $105.00 per month with the current promotional package. I would also receive a $400.00 gift card after installation. New service started 12/23/17 I received my first bill is $347.00. The charges for 12/22 - 1/22 were $108.98. A little higher than quoted but I was ok with that. The bill for 1/21 - 2/20 is $188.97. When I called customer service to find out why I was being charged over $80.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH more the CSR wasn't sure said I probably was not quoted the taxes but I pointed out the taxes are listed separately at $49.35. Then he said I may not have been quoted the 3 rooms, that is only $27.99. When I asked about the promotional discounts $81.98 listed in the 12/22 - 1/20 not being applied to the 1/21 - 2/20 bill he said he needed to check with another department. When he returned to the phone told me I am being charged correctly. I am now locked in to a 2 year contract $80.00 more than I agreed to on the phone. If I had been told at that time the cost was going to be $188.97 per month plus the $49.35 I would not have switched services I would have only purchased the internet which was only what I needed in the first place.

Jan 27, 2017

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