Frontier Communicationscancellation process

I recieved a flyer from frontier comm and called them to get information about the plans they had and wanted to save money so I asked them to tell me how much it would cost to get the level of service I wanted. A mature deep voice man said he needed to collect the needed information from me before he could move on to the next screen so I asked I won't be obligated in any way until I say I'm happy with the deal would I? he said no, I have until they come out to connect the service to change my mind and after that it's 20$ per month for 24 months to get out of the contract. He got my ss# my address credit cared number and telephone number. Next he quoted me the amount of 96 to 101.00$ for the service I wanted plus a $45.00 deposit payable today (confirmation number 6918420) and 1 time $49.00 installation fee due at time of home visit to install services. After reading their reviews I called and canceled my order and recieved a confirmation from"Tolize" and his work number entention 0016 that order number [protected] was canceled and I would recieve a refund in about 5 days. Today is 10/11/2016 and yesterday I got a bill for 125.00 $ I feel so betrayed and cheated now I want them to pay me back every penny and be reported for the lies they told about canceling the service which I never got and still don't have or want.

Oct 11, 2016

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