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Loud Fridge
I purchased this refrigerator on June 20, 2017. Within the first week, it started making a groaning sound that would keep us awake. It sounds like a haunted house at night. Since the first week, I have had the repair techs from Conn's (retail store in Texas where we purchased unit) out two times and they could not figure it out. I told them I wanted the unit replaced and they told me to contact FrigidAire. The Electrolux customer service people and the repair technician were pleasant. However, I was told that the noise was normal and they would order another compressor but that will not guarantee the noise will go away. I was told further that there would have to be three service calls (by Electrolux - the first two don't count) before some panel would agree to replace the refrigerator, and replacement is not a guarantee either. I am very dissatisfied with this purchase and will not recommend this product to anyone. This was my first and most likely last FrigidAire purchase. I know that this will be the first in a long line of communications between me and Electrolux/FrigidAire in an effort to resolve this matter.

This is the response I received:
Dear Loud Fridge,

Thank you for choosing Frigidaire. As a valued owner, your opinion matters greatly to us and to other customers. We enjoyed hearing your thoughts and appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Unfortunately, your review could not be posted for the reason listed below. Please take a moment to update your review so we can post it on the site.

Thanks again for your valued feedback.

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Thanks again,

My Rebuttal:
It is more than upsetting that FrigidAire can censor a review in this manner. I have posted another. My next postings will be on Social Media where you cannot censor. It would have been more fitting to reply with some REAL customer service and try to resolve this matter rather than resort to this shameful tactic.
I reviewed one of your products on YOUR site and was censored because it didn't meet YOUR criteria. ***NEWSFLASH*** NOT ALL REVIEWS ARE GOOD! I hate my FrigidAire product and I am stuck with it. You can buy it back from me and I'll go away. I will continue to post my dissatisfaction on every social media site I can find until this matter is resolved.
Extremely dissatisfied.

Tony Cava
Ref # [protected]
Acct #[protected]
Model #FFSS2614QS7A
Serial #4A72405561

Oct 15, 2017

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