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Frigidaire / Electrolux / a month trying to get broken fridge fixed

1 United States

I have been dealing with this company for a whole month. It took them a week to even get a repair guy to come and fix it. The he said it was the compressor and it should take a week to get the part in. A week goes by I call the service people up that came to check. The receptionist/clerk said it's going to take 7-14 business days to get that part in and she can't go in the back and ask anyone because they will yell at her.

I called Electrolux back up and told them of all this. They could have the part overnighted to my home then I just call to get it installed. They will call me back after they get it setup. They never call. The next day I called and asked again what could or needs to be done so I might have a refrigerator that works. Oh that part is not going to be in until then end of October(another 3 weeks). I need to call the repair people back up and ask them to fax a statement saying that that is too long to wait and I need a replacement. This will take 72 hours.

I call back on Tuesday(the fax was sent on Friday) just to see if they got the fax and they said yes. I call back the next day since it has been 5 days since the fax was sent to see what they were going to do. I am sorry but it looks like replacement has been denied. We can over night the part to you and you will receive it Thursday.

Thursday comes and I once again call customer service to see if the part had indeed been sent out. Yes it will come Thursday. I didn't come

Friday I called yet again to find out why the part didn't come. They look it up and say it was't shipped until after 2:30 pm and it would be there Friday we promise. I get a call from DHL we need a house number to ship this to. It's not our fault that Electrolux forgot to put a house number on this and we are sorry that your so mean and B****y ( my words not theirs). I call Electrolux back and their systems are down they will have someone call me when they get back up. They don't call. I finally get a hold of someone and the system is back up. It's not our fault it is DHL's fault. I hate it when people don't own up when it's is their fault says the customer service guy. I laugh my head off and told him tell me about it, as that has been my experience dealing with them for the last 3 weeks. I having been hearing promises of what they can do to get my refrigerator fixed for a month but hey it's not their fault they make crappy appliances and don't stand by them

I am ready for a class action lawsuit to put these clowns in their place and show them that we will not be taken for a ride any longer. I have called them been nice to them, complained, sent emails to the head of customer service, sent complaints to the Attorney General, BBB and will be sending off a letter the Vice President of Customer Relations at Electrolux.

I have told them this is unreasonable and I am ready to troll appliance centers publicly degrading their products and service, even to the point of picketing appliance stores that sell their products. I will never buy anything that Frigidaire or Electrolux makes ever again.

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