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My father had free hosting with freeservers, in 2001 he decided to pay for the most basic pack that includes 50 mb and no ads. About the service itself there are no complaints, everything that he needed worked well, but his site is plain HTML. However the financial part is what I'm trying to warn you about.
In 2006 I grew up to discover and clean all the mess: since the beginning (2001) they took of $5/month instead of $3. Now at 2006 they started to take $6/month. Just like that, without any notice and explanation.
This time he mailed them asking for explanation, however all they wrote back was "we do not disclose financial information by mail". Later I looked for other reviews of freeservers and it occurs that it's their auto-responce to any financial question or request :-
Since he pays by VISA, he can't do anything against this fraud, and now we'll have to cancel his VISA card so these freeserers scammers won't be able to charge him again >:-(]
Now in addition to cancelling the VISA card he tried to just close the account at freeservers, but the only responce he got was "For protection to all our customers, your request cannot be made via email" and a phone number. I read in a review by some guy that they do it on purpose and never answer the phone. The number is [protected], I'm not gonna try because I'm not from US.

Bottom line: Stay away, or use the free account with banners !


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  • Si
      Feb 20, 2017

    s is a horrible company to host your site with.. Here is what they did to my website. They offer these urls with the site.*, etc.) Then after you get your site built and you have all those links pointing to it and have a good ranking in the search engines, they will write you a letter and tell you you must change your URL to a new one. They will NOT redirect your traffic to the new URL, instead they will put up a ad that says your Old URL is available along with an ad to buy a website from them. They recently done this with the extension. You can protest all you want to to these people they said they would not redirect the traffic to the new url (currently called Stay away from these people they will ruin your business by taking over your URL and making it into a marking tool for their profit and all your hard work will be for nothing. THEY ARE CROOKED BEWARE! Don't let them ruin your business like they did to our client. There are plenty of good providers out there with a lot more to offer at a fraction of the cost. For example one with godaddy is currently offering unlimited number of sites for about $5.00 monthly (special). And then there is YOLA offering 25 sites for about $8 month...don't get your business ruined by these crooks!!! Shop around there are plenty of good providers. If you are still with these people your should move your site and put the redirects to the new location before they take over your url and wreck your business.

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