Freelancer.comstealing money from users account.

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I've been working on freelancer for around 18 months now. Every now and they they dip into my account. Just steal a little bit of money and refuse to refund it. I make a reasonable amount through their site so usually don't kick up much of a fuss.

However this time they have stolen £111 GBP. I live in a developing world and this is too much to lose. This is 2 weeks wages. Not only that but they charge a fee for every project you take on so they have actually charged me a fee to have this money stolen, by them. Not to mention time wasted by doing work they stole the money for.

To go into more detail the money was paid by the employer to freelancer and after the work was done the employer released the funds. Freelancer gave me the funds. Then 2 weeks later took the funds back. They won't tell me why. Just saying an external dispute that has nothing to do with me. The thing is even after contacting their customer support they are very open about the money being stolen. Here is them openly admitting to the theft:

23:08 (my name removed): Yes. So as a summery. Freelancer have stolen money from me and charged me a fee for stealing this money from me. All i can do is wait. I'm not allowed any information on when or if they will return the money they have stolen. And i just have to take their word for it that they are telling the truth about the illegal reason they gave for stealing this money from me. Is that right?
23:09 Stephanie M.: Yes, that is correct.

*I have the entire conversation and admission of guilt in an email sent directly from their website. Again. This is by far not the first time they have done this to me. Just usually for much smaller amounts.

From a quick google search i get the impression that Freelancer are well known for doing this to all their users. Is there anything that can be done? Perhaps a collaborated law suit from their victims?

In the last year they have stolen money like this from just myself to the sum of £340 give or take a few pounds. Then their are fees on top of that so i guess it's more like £450 (rough estimate). If they do this to 10, 000+ users (they claim to have over 10 million users) a year that's a shockingly large amount of money they are illegally obtaining every year.

Failing going through the justice system to benefit all their victims and prevent them stealing money in future i would be happy to accept £500 GBP for the money stolen and their fees charged for stealing the money, my time and the inconvenience and stress this has caused.

Hope to hear back.

Jan 24, 2017
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  • Ra
      Jun 10, 2017

    I have faced this. How can we address it?

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  • Da
      Jul 01, 2017

    Me too. They are big time cheaters

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  • An
      Jul 22, 2017

    Agreed. This happened two times with me. First time this was 90 EUR, second time - 30 EUR.
    Don't understand why I must care if they are "Verifying payment method". We can't trust them in this case.

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