Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comfreelancer not maintaining words integrity

I am current user of and I had old membership of freelancer before changing new membership plan at time of changing membership plan freelancer keep my previous plan and said it will be same for me until I do not change and it will not available for new user or after upgrade of membership.

So I keep my old plan and was renewing it timely without any problem but freelancer suddenly changed my plan after one year by giving reason we do not have this membership available on freelancer. When I told that it's my old plan and I had notification as well displaying on my membership plan this plan is not longer available but it will remain same for me until I do not change then why you add new plan in my membership.
So this was freelancer reply " did not make any agreement with you"

I was shocked if they were not looking to keep my old plan then why they were displaying message on page you can use this.

In new plan I found that they are charging 10% on project fee and in my previous plan it was not.

I know have all right but they should not commit any thing if they could follow.

Freelancer ban our profile if we do not follow any condition immediately but not applying any word on them self. it's point of rule and regulation we every one is doing hard work and freelancer is earning

Dec 06, 2018

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