Freedom Mortgage / just horrible all around

VA, United States

Should have known the sign when i did my refinance through FM in 2009. The "mortgage" was written wrong and I ended up $1200.00 neagtive in my escrow so of course that out of nowhere raises my morgage $300.00. Then I get the call that they never paid my home owners - another monthly payment added on. Sooo everything was going ok - they contacted me to do the streamline skip two mortgage payments right around Christmas! sounds great...settlement was moved twice because time was set 4:00 first excuse computer glitch second excuse they fax the documents five minutes before the guy should have been at our house! So February is here i get my tax bill - never paid FM blames the mortgage company. Mortgage payment is made - they can't locate it. My bank has sent everything over to them we are now on five times - almost a month later and i'm told there's a "task" open!! It takes two seconds to make the payment I'm sure it takes that same time to apply it!! And already frustrated when you call you are on hold over 20 minutes and transferred to another ### that just brushes you off!!! Have had all i can take will definately be switching mortgage companies after my year!!!

Mar 14, 2013

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