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These people are scam artist criminals. They make flat out blatant lies as promises. They know they are lying and are great at it. They just stole $1800 from me because they refuse to return my dedicated savings account balance after failing to pay the payment on my debt. They have bleeping [censor] answering questions. They told me I owed $900 more one day, $600 the next and then that the money wasn't in on time. There was plenty of money to pay in my account. As i said these people are flat out CRIMINALS!!! Do not use them. I hope they are put out of business very soon by the lawsuit the federal agency has just filed against them. They should all be in federal prison for spewing their lies and knowing they are suckering people in just to make their situation worse and then stealing their savings account funds

Nov 28, 2017
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  • Bj
      Apr 22, 2019

    I joined FDR 4/2017, paid thousands to find only 2 or 3 debts were paid. Over half of the money I paid went into FDR's pockets. I was approached to consolidate what was left of my debts. I said NO, and continued until the woman I spk. to kept saying its no extra money, maybe 1 month or 2 longer, it will look good on your credit. I was still undecided, then 1 busy day a week they kept blowing phone about a settlement, pressuring me to sign to find out months later I am in this program with more charges, I am 64 trying to support myself. They mislead me, took advantage of me and I was and am under a physicians care. I had money in my dedicated account to pay off the debt before they even approached me about consolidating, saw the money in my account, then I'm told no, Consolidation team paid it. They are liars, I am being overcharged and taxed like crazy all money going to FDR. I believe we should band together, take them to court. Now, they call me when I am working, they are not calling when I can take my calls. I took them off my bank account, paid them on time and they are still harassing me. We need help to get them to stop hiding these charges One of my accounts, I paid FDR more than the account itself.

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