Fred Loya Car Insurance / denying repair of missed damage

El Paso TX, United States

In December, 2014, my daughter and I were driving back from her college graduation. I was in front and she was following. I hit a blown out tire and dragged it under my car and then knocked it into hers. My car sustained almost $2000 in damage and hers $4000. Fred Loya fought with my body shop about my claims - denied a dent because I had supposedly made it by slamming the hood down. After I picked it up, I noticed damage on the back of the car that I had missed in my first look. Their adjustor missed it and the body shop missed it. But it is so obviously from a tire. I called Fred Loya and my adjustor said I had to file another claim and pay another deductable ($500.00). She basically called me a liar - like I was doing something to get extra work. I have contacted the main company office and am waiting for a response. It looks like after all of the years of being a customer, paying premiums that will MORE than pay for the damage, they don't want to handle things right. I am not a mechanic and their adjustor, after hearing my story, should have inspected the ENTIRE car and not blame me for not seeing it. I am still not sure that there isn't under the carriage damage because I certainly cannot see that. I am going to keep fighting, whether it be going to the media or going to a state inspector. AND MY RATES BETTER NOT GO UP! Knowing them, though, I am afraid.

Jan 9, 2015

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