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I have fox news on day and night. I leave it on in my office and place of business and at home at night, all the time. If I am out, I tape shows like tucker, hannity, laura ingraham, jesse, judge j, and g gutfeld.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brewster, NY Today, I watched sheppard smith cut of katherine harris while he went on a tangent and just proved how much he hates the current president. I immediately switched to another new channel, that I never watch. On a go forward, if sheppard is on tv, I will turn of fox until his show or the show he is on is over. I cannot watch him any longer. This has been building for a while. He is not fair and balanced, in my opinion and is not an asset to the station I feel either.

Dec 14, 2018
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  • La
      Dec 21, 2018

    I am very dissatisfied with Sheppard Smith and his arrogant behavior. He is obnoxious and it is very apparent that he has disdain for the current President. I can just look at him and tell he relishes the fact that Trump may be indicted, etc. It is just plain wrong! He also talked down to Catherine Herridge, which is so disrespectful. I will not watch his program any more. I do not care for him and his very opinionated and belligerent attitude.
    Beth Thomas

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  • Ji
      Jan 09, 2019

    Fox News/TV Please get rid of Shepard Smith, this idiot has no business being on Fox. He is a biased, arrogant, [censored]. He is part of the Fake News scum. The only time of the day I turn off Fox News, is when the pea brained Shep Smith show airs.

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  • Cl
      Mar 18, 2019

    I realize you need a gay liberal on the news somewhere ... but give me a break!! Shep is out of control! Send him to MSNBC or tell him we aren't interested in his commentary.

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  • Le
      Mar 27, 2019

    @clockwise44 Better yet, send him to CNN, the Communist Notsonews Network. When THEY go down, HE will go down.

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  • Su
      Mar 27, 2019

    Ditto for the above. If FOX were to differentiate itself and continue its good ratings, meaning look after the interests of your investors, you need to replace Shep with a better crew.

    That the former FOX chief liked him is beside the point. He's no longer relevant, he's filled with Trump hate, no, Trump did not collude, Shep has been on the air spreading CNN's conspiracy theories, it's time to bid him farewell. He will get a good job at CNN or MSNBC, and we will get someone we can watch.


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