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Shepard smith"
I work from home and keep fox news on as a background to my day. Today I listened to shepard smith on his segment which airs at 3pm est. I was appalled by this unprovoked negative remarks about president trump. Not everyone likes our president but this broadcaster is provocatively negative and is basically obnoxious!

I listen to juan williams and understand his counterbalance to the other 4 republicans, but shepard smith says unprovoked rude comments that are not appreciated or agreeable to me and I am sure other viewers of the programming feel the exact same way. This is not what i/ we expect from fox news.

This so called reporter is a detriment to fox's image and reputation. He must be expunged sooner than later.


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      Oct 23, 2018

    I agree!

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  • N
      Oct 26, 2018

    @Howard Jubrey Ditto!!

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  • B
      Jan 11, 2019

    Boy, do I agree that he should go. My blood pressure can’t take his mindless repeat of the silly Democratic talking points. You said it, its real stupid, but I got it. Everyone saying the same thing over and over does not make so or any less wrong. If I wanted a retarded view of the world I would watch CNN. Shepard “Little Schumer” Smith should go. I see everything President Trump does is simply the best thing for the country. I see everything Little Schumer does is only to spite the president and half the population of the country. Little Schumer is the type of person who would sell the nations uranium source to the Russians.

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