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So i had The Orville set to record but apparently the Broncos Vs Cowboys game was played through the shows runtime and i was only able to watch roughly 20 minutes of the show. I find this frustrating to look forward to watch a show but then only seeing 20 minutes of it becausw of the previous game playing through its runtime and i hope to fix this issue so it doesnt become a problem again

Sep 18, 2017
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      Sep 18, 2017

    I also had The Orville set to record, on 2 devices! Sling TV had the Orville Scheduled for 5:00 PM PST, and as the OP stated, the Extra coverage from the Delayed Coyboys/Broncos game preempted the time slot and delayed the broadcast. My OTA DVR (Tablo) had the schedule for the Orville for 6:00 PM PST. Well, Sling was right, Tablo wrong, but due to the "extra" NFL coverage, none of the above was correct! I set up 2 devices to record it because last week the schedule for the Orville was wrong on both devices as well! WTF FOX, why are you giving out incorrect programming information to everyone? Thank God Sling has VOD for it, so now I can watch it with Video on Demand, which is what I had to do last week as well. Now I see future episodes are to be broadcast on Thursday nights @ 9:01 PM PST. 9:01 PM? Why 9:01? Both devices show this time as the start time. After Gotham, which airs @ 8:00 PM. This is just weird. there is Thursday Night Football, but that's on a different Network, so it shouldn't get preempted. But what's with the 9:01?

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