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After I've read all these complaints about Joe Buck, I'm amazed, frustrated and angry that we have all have told you what an awful, biased person (hardly professional) that Joe Buck is and you continue to have him on the biggest baseball stage in the world!!! He makes me sick! I refuse to listen to him anymore. I listen to our local radio broadcaster while watching tv (while your power goes out!!) Fox has missed the mark horribly this year, and will continue to if you have Joe Buck on your staff. I pray they change networks!!!

Oct 31, 2015
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  • Ta
      Dec 06, 2015

    FOX has crossed a line with such bad writing that I can no longer watch anything on FOX. That includes my once favorite Empire. But a show that glorifies the son of perdition, the serpent, the devil himself? Nope, I, nor my family will have FOX TV on in our home ever again. I'm posting to social media for a boycott of anything FOX.

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