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Hey Fox - do the right thing and pick up Roseanne! The liberals at ABC will cut their own throat if they have any excuse to cut the one conservative leaning show on TV. Roseanne apologized for her tweet! Give her a break!

I would love to see this show picked up on FOX. Viewers will not let you down! We just loved the show. All political viewpoints were represented! It was so refreshing!! Please step up and pick up Roseanne!! Let ABC wallow in their low ratings. Fox deserves this number one show - not ABC!!

A loyal viewer!

May 29, 2018
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  •   May 29, 2018

    Fox won't touch it. They'd be called out for supporting racists. I love her but she went too far. Comedienne or not, you don't refer to black people as monkeys. ABC will lose lots of money from sponsors if they keep her but lose $$ in payroll if they don't.

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  • Jo
      May 29, 2018

    She apologized. Everyone needs to stop being so THIN SKIN... Can't get rid of President Trump so they are going after his supporters

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  • Ka
      May 30, 2018

    Question about content of TV show STAR lately...I started watching this show when it first aired and now am caught up in the story line after several, this show does cover every facet of life, some a bit cringe worthy but lately I have had to record due to the white bashing, the snide comments made about our President, pictures of Obama everywhere. Don't understand the cancelling of Roseanne when I have to put up with constant daily, hourly politics and/or trash on every show and I don't watch much!! These comments, 'inconsistent with our values' always seem to fly. Well, I find some of the comments on Star lately pretty inconsistent with MY values, Fox!

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