Fox News / jesse watters: sociopathy goes mainstream

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Foxnews’ Jesse Watters: sociopathy goes mainstream

If there was ever a newscaster whose face simply inspires one to want to slap it, FoxNews’s Jesse Watters would be it.

Ironically enough, this ### was “discovered” by Bill O’Reilly, who is merely just an older version of this man, who also has a face that one feels inspired to want to slap.

The sheer arrogance, ####-eating ear to ear grin on this manboy’s face, coupled with his fiercely tousled hair shellacked with gel and hair spray, which must take at least 30 minutes each day to style in abject vanity, while he normally pops his polo shirts like a spoiled little #### at prep school from somewhere in Connecticut, simply inspires loathing in his viewers, male and female, conservative and liberal.

This man just inspires irritation, from EVERYONE.

He is the poster child of white male eastern elitist prep school dick-dom, and would make Patrick Bateman of American Psycho blush with embarrassment.

His interviewing style is completely sociopathic, as he never makes eye contact with his guests, but merely maintains a ####-eating supremely arrogant grin while staring off into the distance or over their head, looking away from them, seemingly mocking every single person he is interviewing, including his disrespectful interview with President Trump after the election.

And if all of this was not annoying enough, this ####-tard concludes each and every show/interview with the supremely arrogant catchphrase, while waving his entire arm, agsin with that ####-eating grin, exclaiming: “And this is MY world...Watters World.”

To which each and every interviewee looks at him and no doubt overwhelmingly resists the urge to kick him in the nuts.

FoxNews could not get any lower now that this ##### is their star journalist - Jesse Waters represents the next generation of fascist Oligarchical Mainstream Media, where they are not even TRYING to hide their unabashed arrogance and disdain for the mainstream American people anymore, while they rule over us like we were their cattle.

Jan 29, 2017
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  • Pa
      18th of Dec, 2017

    Jesse Watters is a racist traitor for his comments about the FBI. He should be fired immediately.

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