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Founders Insurance / claim

1 Burlington, WI, United States

i am in my 50s with a perfect driving record, and, unfortuanly, have founders insurance. after work, with ice and snow everwhere, i accidently just hit a cement pole in the parkinglot. no other cars, no injurys. since i have never had a claim in my driving life experiences, i really didnt know what to do, and since my car never stopped running, i drove home 10miles. the insurance co. sent an investigater tomy house toi inspect the damages. he never lifted the hood or started the car. so, the insuracne claims adjuster aqpproved repairs, and the car was towed to a nearby dealer's body shop. here is the bazare part.
the insurance agreed to pay, so, the body shop did the front end body rep[airs, but, for some reason, the car wont run, and the insurance co. refuses to pay mechanical repairs, stating the problem was pre existing. how bizarre is thaqt? this is a newer car, and obviously was in driving condition at the time of the accident, or how could the car have driven into acement pole, and back home? so, the body work is finished, yet, my car sits in the body shop because it isnt running and the insurance wont pay. this has been going on for about 2 months now. im makingcar repairs and paying insurance on a car sitting in a body shop. my next step is contacting a lawyer, because foundes insurance took my money for coverage, yet wont cover all the needed repairs in what the body shop men call a "minor accident."

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