Foschini / service

Richards Bay, South Africa

On Entering the Foschini store (28/10/2017--4:30pm) in the Boardwalk Richards bay my wife proceeded to the counter to make payment on her account. She went to the cosmetic section but decided it would be quicker going to the clothing side. She stood in the que and waited for assistance. There were 5 staff members behind the counter and 2 on the opposite side. The staff members were dancing and joking around oblivious that there was a customer to serve. My wife got frustrated and decided she would rather try the cosmetic department again. They were still busy. I then asked the employees if anyone could please assist my wife. One staff member said she would help only to ignore my wife and proceed to have a good old conversation with each other and dancing to the loud music which was been played in the store. After me yelling "can we get get some service please" only then 1 cashier called my wife to make the payment. We went to various stores on that day and the service in all the other stores were good but Foschini's service was terrible to say the least. I then asked one of the staff if I could speak to the manager and was told that the manager was off for the weekend.

Oct 29, 2017

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