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I placed an order and after I hit submit - I realized they were sending my purchase to a store 30 miles from my home - instead of my shipping address ? Why - no one has been able to tell answer this .

I immediately tried to correct the issue but of course the website wouldn't allow changes - so I sent an email the only option I had because customer service was closed - yes closed !

I received an email the next day saying - it's shippiped already nothing we can do . So I called and got basically the same answer - asked for a manager and the rep said she can't do anything for you - I asked for a manager 3 times before she put me on hold 10 mins so I just hung up .

I now have to wait for the store to receive the item tell them to return it - wait for them to do that - then get a refund that way- waste of time - will never purchase from them again ! Don't know why I did in the first place - no one to help the customer.

Feb 2, 2017

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