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I received a recall on the airbags in my car (I got home from work around 5-5:30, when I opened the letter. That's important to this), which also said you would cover a rental until the parts were in. I called CS to get details on what I needed to do for the rental, and the lady told me to go to the nearest ford dealership.

I went in, and the service department told me that, despite what CS and the letter said, I would have to go through enterprise and that it would only be covered for up to 2 days. The employees I was talking to were also not remotely interested in anything I had to say, including the fact that the letter sent by ford customer service & the information given to me on the phone directly contradicted what they told me. Possibly the most infuriating part was that, when I explained that I leave for work at 5AM, long before their service department or enterprise opens, they still were not the least bit interested, even going so far as to tell me I would have to drive with a potentially faulty airbag

At this point, it was just after 6. If I'd have been sent directly to enterprise, the problem would have been resolved easily. Alternatively, if the service department would have given half a damn, even assuming they had no options to put me in a car this evening, we could have gotten in touch with enterprise to ask if they would hold a car for me long enough to cross town (this is not wild conjecture. Their customer service is miles ahead of yours, and on several occasions they have been willing to do exactly that without any complaints).

Instead, they were only focused on leaving for the day. They turned the lights off before I was even out of the room, one tried to suggest that I was at fault for waiting so long to handle this by asking when I had received the letter (approximately an hour prior, which I told him), they suggested that I drive my car with an active safety recall of arguably the most vital safety features, and they were absolutely uninterested in having a conversation about any solution. Additionally, I'm willing to bet that the reason it took as long as it did for the service department to see me is because they did not want to deal with the situation and actively tried to avoid having to do so.

For the record, none of this is hyperbole. You're welcome to check security footage of freedom Ford's service department on the evening of 5/30/2018 at approximately 5:15 - 6:15pm, and the recordings of my calls to customer service to vet my statements.

May 30, 2018

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