Food City / the eoe and how harassing, discrimination, and slander is allowed in front of, and about customers

I recently visited a food city located in Bristol Tn off Virginia Ave. They have no respect among employees and customers. First I encounter a blonde worker telling a customer she hated another employee and was out to get her fired. Then told this fellow she heard he had Aids. His face turned red, the worker then walked off and told another worker that should do it.
A few weeks later, I walk in to find the new worker this employee was trying to get rid of had same name as the blonde. She was innocently standing there as the blonde and another approach her while she was working and said "can I have your autograph, seen where you got pulled over, didn't know we had a celebrity working with us" that girl almost busted out in tears. The blonde made it clear she been there longer and didn't like the other employee and would get rid of her. I was walking off when I heard the new employee say, "I have done nothing to you. I have kids and raising them by myself. Please leave me alone." The blonde just smirked and said "I don't like you"
My suggestion to Food City is if they are looking for lawsuits they going down right path. If I could have I would have told that young lady to go to her manager and if he did nothing about these crimes committed against her sue! I am not the only witness to this behavior. It is poor and flat out unprofessional.
That fellow the blonde told her lies too, trying to cause problems well he made it plain after over 15 years of being their customer he would shop somewhere else. I myself probably will too and so will others.
Here it is almost Christmas and jobs getting hard to fine. Yet when someone is trying to support a family and new they have to face bullying in the public eye. Shame on you Food City for allowing this. You need to either fire the blonde or seriously sit down and explain E.O.E and your company policy to that blonde again.

Nov 28, 2016

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