Food Citystore manager, travis

As of Nov. 2017 I had worked @ Food City for 2 yrs. I started as a cashier, and quickly worked my way to a front end manager, also learning other departments in the store. On Nov.18 2017, our store was having our Thanksgiving dinner for the associates. I had clocked out for my lunch, and went to the break room. This is where I had eat lunch for the time I had worked there, being that I live 25 minutes away, and I cannot afford to eat out. On this day, I had brought my bottle of water from home as I did everyday, set it on the break room table and preceded to the restroom, when I returned, my water was gone, I then ask what had happened to my water, and I was told Travis had came into the room, asked who it belonged to, and then threw it into the trash.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Knoxville, TN I then confronted him with this, he then said it was not a F.C. brand, and that I could shop where I work or I should go to work where I shop. Then on Nov.20 2017, I shared my problem with our H.R., who then shared our conversation with another associate. I have a F.C. handbook, and nowhere does it say I would need to purchase and consume items from F.C. or @ either of my interviews was I made aware. I did continue to go to work, needing my job and benefits. I then started eating lunch in my car. But @ the first of Jan. the weather turned very cold, 6 degrees and my lunch froze. I then realized the job was not worth it, and I gave a 15 day notice. I have turned in a complaint to KVAT, but to my knowledge nothing was done. I will not and should not be bullied into purchasing items from F.C.

Jan 28, 2017

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