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I'm a 58 year old woman and had the worst experience of all time today.
I suffer from scoliosis and neorapathy. My spine is curved and causing saratic pain through both of my legs. I can barely stand up straight in the mornings, (I take 3 different pain killers for my pain but 2 are only at night time so I can sleep)
I usually am ok about a half hour later where I can get up and make a tea and try to straighten my back up and get on with my daily chores.
Today was bad. I couldn't straighten up and these two crippling diseases have progressively gotten worse over the last year.
Anyhow I went to food basics about lunch time and I intended only to buy a few items and grabbed a basket which got filled up fast because they had alot of good deals on.
Well I looked for a cart and saw 3 lined up beside a cashier stand that was closed
I went around and took the last cart which had maybe 6 small items in it and the other two carts had a few items in them as well.
I pushed the cart to where my basket was and took my contents and put them in the cart and took the other stuff like one trip to put it in one of the remainder two carts by the cashier stand.
Well, I heard a rough voice, garbling something and I turned around and it was this cheezy cashier chomping gum and yelling at me that they were using that cart!
I looked at her and said "you are not even near the carts and I need this cart cause as you can see my basket is full and I want to buy the specials.
She continued on till I just walked away with the cart.
You would think that would b the end of it right?? Forget it
I shopped for a good 45 minutes (I try to help my son and his father out by shopping for them, my ex has severe health problems so that is why I was even there)
Anyhow I am now ready to check out and this elderly woman approaches me and asks me if im in a lot of pain.
I told her my conditions and she said her husband who is 86 suffers from the same things I do and she said she knows the pain I am enduring. She asked me what I was taking for the pain and I told her. She offered to help me unload my cart and I accepted.
I tell her about the incident and being a nice old lady she tells me not to worry about it not to stress
She wasnt there to witness the ignorance I endured when I took the cart.
The cashier says interupts me when im talking to the woman helping me
And I look at her and tell her I wasnt talking to her I was talking to the woman behind me and to mind her own business.
The cashier informs me it is her business as im talkig about the cart!!
Do u beleive this garbage??
Now im pissed and have over $200 in groceries in my cart. Im contempalting leaving it and walking out but ive already spent 45 miutes shoppig and why should I have to anyway??
My ex is sitting in the car all this time waiting for his groceries.
I looked at this [censored] and said to the woman that was helping me"I think food basics should close their doors today just like starbucks!"take a course on public relations
Soon as I said that she paged the store manager!
I thought"no! It has to be for something else "she is whispering to him whe he shows up and I heard her say I was swearing and called her names which 1000, 0000% I did not!
I looked at the manager and told him she was absoultely lying to which she rolled her eyes!! Unbeleivable!!!
I told the manager about the first sachier and the utmost importance of this sittig cart. I also told him I was a regular shopper and spent at least $1200 or more a month here and I told him I would never come back and guess what?? He shrugged his shoulders and mumbled"ok"
I left and called head office and the woman I talked to was apalled and said that senior magement would be addressing this immediately.
The damaage is done and I will never go to another food basics again.
I was crying all the way home and had to wait two hours to calm down before I called head office
I said"where is the customer service?? I am bent over like im a hundred and they are worried bout a cart that had 6 or less items I it, they should have helped me all the way like most other grocery stores have. Food basics employees and manager sucks
I will never ever go back and I feel like suing them.

May 29, 2018

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