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We placed an order with to have new foam inserts made for a couch we purchased. This was through the internet since we are in one state and in another. Purchased the foam and down envelopes per there advice and after many emails and conversations. I was very concerned about this large of a purchase through the internet. We had paid $1, 200.00 for this, shipping was to be free and it wasn't. Here I was advised due to the large dollar value shipping is free. That was the "least" of what unfolded. The foam arrived harder than a BRICK. I had many conversations with them, now I had to pay another $180. in shipping fees to return the foam and get a different one since clearly they knew not of what they spoke. I agreed to incur this shipping cost since I thought possibly it was a misunderstanding. Although I have numerous emails clearly describing what we were in search of – none which was to be harder then bricks! That should have been the big clue as to how useless in the product knowledge this company is and clearly incapable making it per the dimensions specified.

The replacement cushions came, the cut to the corner was to be an "L" as all my documents and orders support this. I have many pictures to support it has arrived and is cut as U not an L cut. I contact them; they tell me to ship it back AT MY EXPENSE. Now I have $1, 300 invested in this and do not have a product that fits my couch. FOAMORDER.COM demonstrated gross incompetence should cost me – now TWICE -- They tell me to try anyway to insert the foam into the down envelop. O told the employee I was fearful since it is visually obvious it won't fit. I am told to do it anyway. I was also told maybe the foam will settle down once in the envelop. I did this and it RIPED. Now the down envelopes are torn because a U cut cannot fit into an L envelop and cushion cover. Not only did FOAMORDER.COM provide a product that CLEARLY does not fit or meet the dimensions of my order, the cut is wrong and it rips the envelopes that the foam is to insert into. The company refused to correct the problem or make any credit adjustments. I refuse to pay another $200.00 to ship back merchandise that they made incorrectly after incurring $1, 300.00 for foam that I cannot use.

I do not feel that the consumer should be ripped off as what this company has done to me. Basically they sold me a bunch of bologna with a foam product, charged me a fortune for it and I can’t use it, nor will they correct it. They made an easy $1, 300.00 and I have NOTHING. They have more employee turn over then anything I have ever observed from any organization in a few short months (January through March).

I would THINK 1, 000 times before engaging with this organization based off my experience. FOAMORDER.COM demonstrated repeatedly they have no quality control, customer service nor business ethics. “ I have many emails, pictures and yes a saved voice mail where I was advised to try and cut the foam myself with a knife from as a resolution – I think not.

BEWARE before doing business with such a business for fear your experience will be as mine. COSTLY and no product that you can utilize and damage to what you have!


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