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Dear Sir/Madame,

I’m contacting you regarding the tickets of Pop family, PNR XTXU4C, etkt [protected].
Passengers were in the airport that the flight was canceled due to weather conditions. Passengers told me that they did not received any rerouting options, just filled out a form at the airport and waited.
They also told me that they’ve made a notification on Fly Dubai website, notification that they have not received any response.
The passengers have bought other flights with Qatar that took off despite weather conditions, so they will not miss the money for accommodation. They request us a refund for the difference betwen the ticket purchased in the airport and the money they will receive from Fly Dubai ticket from 31 December and also for the first night of accommodation which was missed .
In attachment you have documents.
Waiting for your reply,
Georgiana Donciu


Jan 12, 2017

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