FlowerAurabirthday cke wrong delivery

We ordered a birthday cake for my Mil . It had written MOM and was beautiful but these guys were so careless that they delivered the wrong cake and instead of apologizing they were so rude . .. they tried to offer me some discount so i dint give bad review.. . all i wanted was the right cake to be delivered... they justified it saying it depends on local chef which cake to deliver... but if it depends on local bakery to deliver it then why the hell do they charge so much for that particular cake. Charge a flat price.. dammit .. the customer service is pathetic ... guys please please dont trust these prople .. they are fraud n loot people like us. I mso disappointed in floweraura and i wil surely never order from them. So even if u ever order from them dont expect anything as they dont deliver what you order for .. and show no sign of remorse or apology whatsoever
Attaching what we order and what we got . Abd paid over 800 for this piece of [censored]
#shame on you @floweraura


Oct 12, 2018

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