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Our reservation number is [protected]. Our wonderful journey turned into a trouble with this awful bus company. On May 29, 2018 at 16:28, we arranged the transfer from Antwerp to Brussels Airport via Flixbus. We arrived to the departure point at K├Âningin Astridplein at 16:10. We bought the tickets from Flixbus application one night before, cost 10 Euro per person. Our flight back to Istanbul was at 19:25. It's said in Google Maps Schedule Explorer, ETA will be 17:30. So we would arrive to Brussels Airport on time. After a long wait, the bus didn't come and we took the train to a nearby station to Brussels Airport and then hired a taxi to our final arrival point, Brussels Airport. It cost 100 Euros for us. The worst thing was, you can't contact to a responsible person during this problem. And I don't trust any more to Google Maps Schedule Explorer. Don't you ever think about Flixbus while you're travelling,

FlixBus / FlixMobility

May 31, 2018

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