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My son left his phone on the Karlsruhe to Kehl 14:50 bus on Sunday 6 May and immediately registered the fact on the on-line form. I called the Customer Care Service to ask if his request had been registered, as he had not received any notification and I was told that yes it was and that in fact he had filled in the form twice. I was told that my son's phone had been found and it had been sent to the appropriate lost and found department. I called again a week or so later and was told again that the phone had been found but that it took time to process. I then called a third time on the 1 June and spoke to a man who reaffirmed that the phone had been found, that he couldn't understand why my son had received a mail on the 31 May saying it had not been found. He told me to write a mail, which I did. On each occasion, the person I spoke to noted down in the file that I had called and promised to deal with the matter.

Today I called Customer Care Service again and the girl hung up on me once she had found the case file. I called again and after 7 minutes I got through and the phone cut immediately. I do not understand why Customer Care Service cannot deal correctly with its customers.

Ana Gorey

  • Updated by Gorey, Jun 18, 2018

    FlixBus Customer Care Service have confirmed yet again that the phone was handed in by the Bus Driver and that it was sent to the Lost and Found department. I continue to receive official mails from them that it was never found which doesn't make sense. I asked that they call me directly but they have not. Therefore, we have had no choice but to get in touch with the Frankfurt police and as of now we will be pursuing this as a criminal matter and taking all necessary legal steps to ensure that justice is done.

Jun 11, 2018

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