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I wanted to buy Xiaomi Redmi 1s and Flipkart is the only one who is authorized to sale Xiaomi mobile in India.

Only registered user can buy this mobile on the day of Sale. I registered couple of days back through my user id and I logged in couple of hours before the sale
start, but I got an "out of stock" message with in 10 sec when I click on buy exactly at 5 PM.

On the day of sale, they were showing message "30000 piece over 200000 registration" on their website. I still couldn't understand how come 30 thousand mobile can be sold out with 10-12 sec ?
Even if you consider 1 mobile per millisecond then it can be sold 10-12 thousand piece within 10-12 sec.

Either flipkart was showing wrong numbers on their website or something is wrong at their website. In any case flipkart is fooling to customer and wasting their time.

Please stop publishing fake information on your website.


Jan 21, 2015

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