Flipkartdissatisfied with flipkart customer service - delivery

With great disappointment I want to inform you that I am really fed up and
dissatisfied with the type of pathetic Customer service Flipkart are providing
now a days.

I had ordered the Casio Enticer Analog Watch - For Men on 7th January (as Birthday gift) and they had committed to deliver the same by 15th of January ; And today i.e. 15th Jan
I am receiving a mail saying order has been cancelled by their courier
partner is of course a cheap excuse showing your carelessness and
negligence to their customers.

In today’s era where we have a multiple numbers of options, simply sending
mails “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused
you.” is not acceptable and ofcourse flipkart is losing
confidence of customers day by day.

My question to Flipkart -" if you are not able to deliver the product at my desired
location why your site showing the delivery status YES with the retailer

My question to Flipkart -" Money will be refunded to you in 7 days as per your mail,
what will I do with the money after 7 days if you are not able to deliver
the product today i.e. Birthday ????"

My question to Flipkart- " Do you really believe in today’s date sending a number of
excuse mails will really work (e.g. mails sent after your Billion days
sale, mail sent to me today etc.)even if your customers are not satisfied
????Please keep in mind, there are already N numbers of competitors
already available and also more are coming."

Flipkart Team- From a potential customer to a displeased Customer I am seeking all
the answers to my questions, no matter if you involve your higher
management, if present any to oversee such issues.

As usual, I know you and your Team can’t take that much pain to deliver my
product by EOD today or tomorrow and I am not even expecting that from you
after having a word with customer care.

But I am sure I am going to delete my account from Flipkart today and will
make ensure none of my friends, relatives and myself will have a single
order through Flipkart ever in future.


Jan 15, 2015

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