Flex Seal / OVERCHARGED !!!

Toronto, ON, Canada

Same old 'crap' I've been reading about. TV ad says "Order a can of Flex Seal for only $ 19.99, [it stops leaks, etc], but wait we'll double your order. That's right get twice the number of cans, for only $ 19.99. Just pay the extra processing. "
When the bill arrives, not only do they charge you for the S & H, plus taxes, they do you charge you for the extra can. My bill $ 45.08 !
During the purchase, you never, ever speak to a human. The pitch continuously tries to 'up sell' you on the product, i.e., buy more and more. This is a SCAM AND IS TOTALLY FRAUDULENT !! Can hardly wait to try the product. It's likely garbage.
I don't know why they permit scam artists to pitch this type of deceptive practice. CONSUMER PROTECTION ? HELLO !!!

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