Flatley's Plumbing ExpressMoen roman tub faucet repair

On 3/1/16 I had a plumber out repair a leaking Moen Tub Faucet. Before he came I called the office to make sure he would have the correct cartridge. I was advised he would. The plumber came out and took it apart to get at the cartridge to find out he didn't have the tool to remove it. He said his trip charge is $89 so if I ordered it and installed it I could save the $200 installation charge. My eyes opened wide, $200 for a 5 minute job? HE said I could go to Moen and order the part and tool and save the $200. He wrote out a service ticket #57586 and on it he wrote the Moen Cartridge number I need and the tool to remove it. I asked him is he sure that was the correct cartridge and he said, " I have done hundreds of these". Well he was completely wrong. I called his manager to complain and he said he would talk to his guy and get back to me. Weks later, no call./

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