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Fiverr is a company developed some 7 years ago. They are the middle man in providing "sellers" who do anything from web development, logos, article writing and more. Fiverr got the name because the services are supposed cost $5.00 each but that is the furthest from the truth. There is so much false advertising on their site, that is makes me dizzy. One certainty is that is you are a "buyer", your rights are so much more limited than their "sellers". The sellers mostly come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh. If you are from the United States, you are screwed because of the time zones.

They do have terms and conditions I read thoroughly but they do not keep their sellers accountable for anything, only the buyers. You would think it would be thew opposite. The terms ask both parties to refrain from using outside communication but my experience has been the opposite since the sellers are always complaining that fiverr is taking too much money out of their pockets. So, I found myself on skype making transactions through PayPal and others.

In short, Fiverr is a scam. The sellers do not have the talent or creativity to complete a good service. Most of the time, you are waiting way past their "delivery date". Fiverr believes that as a consumer you do not have the right to complain when you are taken for a ride. That happened to me and they restricted my account at a time I had about 2 dozen orders pending.

I have hired several web masters on fiverr and all of them are amateurs and want to hand you over an inferior product. I lost out on $500.00 with one company who kept my money and did not deliver a complete project. I was ready to pay them the $250.00 balance but they use aliases and never their real name. They also seem to be the same when greeting you calling you "Dear". It is already too late when you get screwed to find out you are dealing with "real people".

I tried contacting Micah Kaufman (CEO), Shai Wininger (Director) and Vered Swartz (COO) from but they were unprofessional and did not reply to my messages. They also operate without a phone number or chat service. I out out of thousands of dollars and cannot log back into my account. They also without my permissions cancelled all my orders. This has deeply damaged my business to the point of no return.

You would think that with 60 Million in revenue in 2015, Investors like Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cubit Investments, Lightbank, Qumra Capital and Square Peg. Their investors Adam Valkin, Adam Fisher, Guy Gamzu and Eric Lefkofsky are not on the same page.

They are headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel unless that is a scam too. It is shocking that their allies are Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, not the United States.

The office locations they post are all located in embassies. REALLY?

They care nothing about their buyers except for making massive profits off these people in third world countries and us unsuspecting buyers with good intentions that get bamboozled and you cannot connect with them.

Jan 10, 2017
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  • Le
      27th of Mar, 2017

    Wow! I'm dealing with this now. And she too called me "Dear" repeatedly. I ordered a gig from this seller, and things started off perfectly okay. I provided the seller with everything she needed to develop my website. When she was done with the website she emails me to let me know, and what do I see? Someone else's website. I explain to the seller this is not my website. At this point communication became sparse. She says she is going to fix it. March 15 the order was supposed to be completed. March 23 I filed a dispute after giving the seller ample time to complete the order. I also gave her a negative review. I asked her repeatedly for updates, in which I never received it.

    What happened next was abysmal.

    I quickly changed the passwords to my websites, but I was on an island and had zero internet connection. She figured out my password to my Gmail, and changed the Gmail account information and recovery email. I was locked out. She then went into my Fiverr account modified the review and gave herself 5 stars.

    Thankfully Fiverr is looking into the situation and provided me with a refund. I will continue to use Fiverr, but be careful with some of these gigs you order as some of the work that they "show you" could be fake. Ms Sarah Expert is her name.

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  • Ju
      5th of May, 2017

    Scott, great article. I hope you have the time to answer this question of mine: does the unethical attitude of Fiverr apply to ALL services such as the creation of Website pages? When you look at the reviews of freelancers who offer Website related services, the reviews are extremely positive. Are these reviews a scam as well? (Saqibmahay) (Rashidrupani)

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