Fitness First / membership cancellation

Dusseldorf, Germany

I got a one year membership from Fitness First. I very clearly stated the sales guy that i do not want automatic renewal. He said ok. That one year later, i thought my membership was finished but they kept taking money from my account. I went there and talk to the person in the office amd explained the situation. He said fine, i just had to send him an email and he will cancel the membership. I immediately sent it and a few days later he said he could not cancel because they changed their terms and conditions and now i have to pay for another 1 year. I said i had never received the new terms and conditions and i have never agreed to that. They said they sent me an email. I asked them if they could send me the email they have sent to me and they have never bothered to send that to me. I never got their so called new terms and conditions, i never got any email from them, and although they have promised to cancel, now they are asking in one payment for the whole years membership fee

Dec 13, 2018

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