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Fitness First / customer care

1 Singapore

Dear ff team,

Thank you for your feedback with regards to my 2 emails that I have sent to you guys previously. As such, I have discontinued my membership along with neetha and rebecca seeni. Please update your records accordingly. I have informed my bank with regards to the standing orders and with effect from today you will not be able to charge any further charged to my credit card. Please bear in mind that I will not be liable to any termination charged that you may feel like imposing as I have decided to withdraw as ff don’t care to even reply emails, telephone requests or walk in requests which we have made several times in the past 3 weeks. Since we feel so important, we have decided to terminate our memberships which we feel we are not worthy of.

Thank you all the ff team for your effort and time in spending your valuable time to read this email.



From: binu benjamin []
Sent: thursday, 23 september, 2010 8:31 am
To: Sg
Cc: neetha.; 'binu benjamin'; 'rebecca seeni [ksm-pur]'
Subject: re: request for extension to meet minimum sign ins

Hi guys,

If you think you guys are too busy to reply my emails, I won’t hesitate to cancel my credit card from letting you charge me and discontinue 3 memberships which is under this payment mode. And I won’t care about my contract period. If I do not receive a reply by email before the end of today, I am calling my bank to discontinue any further charges from ff and will deem myself, neetha and rebecca as no longer ff members from today.


Binu benjamin

From: binu benjamin []
Sent: sunday, 19 september, 2010 5:48 pm
To: ' Sg'
Cc: 'neetha.'
Subject: request for extension to meet minimum sign ins

Dear ff team,

Due to reasons unavoidable, me and my wife was unable to sign in the minimum required sign ins for the last month. We would like to request and extension for the time period to be clocked in to another 2 months. My wife has spoken to suraya regarding this but we have not received any reply so far.

At the same time, we would also like to check why, my wifes record do not show the same number of clock ins as me as I always go with her and she has made it to ff without me as well. But our records are entirely different which makes me wonder whether the clock in has been recorded correctly?

When I look at the clock in records, I have clocked in more than her, and the truth is, I have never made it to ff without her. At the same time, she has gone to ff without me many times. But the records states the other wise as I have made it to ff more than her. Which is not true. With regards to training sessions, (3 must be attended, which based on her records, she has only attended 2 and I have attended 4. This is not true also, as we both have attended 3 each and I believe this should have been put into my records wrongly.

I really appreciate receieving an extension for the min 8 sign ins for this month to next month and at the same time, correct the training sessions accordingly.

Look forward to your favourable reply by email as we both are currently not in singapore and will be back only next month.

Thanks in advance


Binu benjamin & neetha schendran nair
Sg80090295 & sd80090294

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