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Fit factory .com / unauthorized charges to my card

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Fit Factory
Pensacola Beach
So I order Acai Berry for free...just pay shipping of 3.95. About 1 week later, I am charged 89.31. Yes I am irate, and call the bank, they tell me when I receive the product to send it back with a tracking number. It's been 15 days. Today I checked my statement online, they hadn't sent my money back. In fact, another company fit factory, has charged me another 60.00. Yes both companies got an earful...but I have yet to get a penny back. I will take this up with my bank, who told me what to do...This really sucks. As if anyone has money to burn right now.


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N  30th of Dec, 2008 by 
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Unknown Product - Unauthorized charge
United States

an unathorized charge of $29.95 came out of my checking acct. The company name was Fit Factory. I don't know what the product is. I called the phone number associated with the company, 800--660-8489, and got a recording saying the call could not be answered at this time to speak to an associate (or words to that affect) press 0. I did. another recording saying the person wasn't available to enter an extention please enter it now followed by the pound sign. (again or words to that affect), but there was no extensions that were valid. I called my bank, who asked if i was online at that moment, when i told them yes they asked me to google the company name. When I did i found this complaint site. On this site I noticed another company I had trouble with, IPHEALTHIERME, a company who advertises a 14 day free trial of ACAIBerry, which I did order, paying for shipping and handleing only, however did not receive it for almost 10 days. I saw a charge on my acct for $89.95 for this company and called that number,
1-888-771-7029, spoke to someone I couldn't understand, and explained to them that i had the product less than a week and asked why I was being charged $89.95 for a free trial, it hadn't even been 14 days, the charge came out 12 days after the product was shipped. He told me I accepted the terms on-line. I told him thats not the agreement. The product advertisement said free trial for 14 days pay only shipping and handling, again he told me I agreed to the online terms. I told him I hadn't opened the bottle, that i was taking a picture of it and the envelope and notifying the Attorney General for fraud, false advertising and extorsion. I told him I didn't want anymore from their company and to reverse the charges. He kept repeating the same thing. I ended up hanging up on him and tried to call back. This time it was "Sorry we are experiencing high caller volume, the best time to reach us is 6pm mountain standard time. if you wish to speak to a representative please stay on the line and your call will answered in the order it was received." I then waited for an hour and a half (that time), an hour another time and 45 min. another time. These two companies are connected. Online, when I ordered the acaiberry another advertisement popped up for a bowel cleansing product, which I clicked on "skip". Yet here I am. Oh, I also received another shipment of the acaiberry and received an "international currency fee" charge for $2.89 or 87 cents. Imagine that.
N  23rd of Jan, 2009 by 
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Today, the same thing happened to me, except I ordered
"AcaiPower", thru CNN (Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.). And, I DID read the Acai web pages VERY carefully.

The site lead me to believe that if I wanted the additional supplements offer, I had to 'click' the 'offer' box. I did not want it, so I didn't click it!

I only found out about this "Fit Factory" charge when my credit card company called me about my credit card being possibly compromised. We reviewed all my charges, but I had no clue what the "www.fit-fac.com" charge for $29.99 x 2 was.

The credit card company gave the tel.# of Fit Factory: (866-407-1022). Called and spoke to a very nice Jane, and her supervisor Holly, who took care of the charges and cancelled my account/ membership, with a confirmation # in about 10-15 minutes.

But, if it hadn't been for the diligence of my credit card company, I wouldn't have know about this non-authorized use of my credit card. And, I also changed my CC#.

My advice, DON'T order on line!
If you want to try or buy something, call their 1-800#, so you can verbally decline the 'additional offers'!

But, if you weaken and order on-line, I've found CNN and Fit-Factory customer service to quite OK.
A  16th of Aug, 2009 by 
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I received unauthorized monthly charge of $29.95 to my credit card. The first month is was under DJM Lifestylefit.com. I did not know what it was and tried to figure it out. I figured I might remember if it showed up on my next month's bill. The second month, it did not show up but another charge of $29.95 showed up this time under fitcliq. It did not show up under that name the third month, but that same $29.95 charge showed up under FITNESSHUB.

By this time, I knew that I had paid for this product and started investigating. I called the customer service number provided and they told me they represented FIT FACTORY and that I had agreed to this monthly charge after purchasing a health and beauty product in a pharmacy in Montreal. And that I had agreed to a 14 day free trial to a program provided by FitFactory.com and that they had sent an email to my account to confirm.

First, I can pretty much tell you that: 1) I was not informed whatsoever by the pharmacy in Montreal that I had been signed up for a free trial to any program as a result of a purchase. 2) I do not have any material, written or otherwise, that informed me that I was enrolled in this program and 3) I did not receive any email confirmation of my enrollment.

Second, any legitimate business would not charge an individual's credit card under different names each month. The only reason for that is to avoid detection of fraudulent charges and hope that the consumer doesn't realize they are being fleeced and duped.

There are two known addresses tied to this business:

305 W. Broadway Apt. 114
New York, NY 10013

and the other:

Blue Sky Marketing
303 Park Avenue South Suite # 1131
New York, New York 10010-3657
United States

Both addresses seem to imply a shady business and running a business that barely skirts the edges of legality. This is something that some major media news organization should look into and protect the U.S. consumer from. While this may not qualify as a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), surely the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney General of New York State should look into as a potential case for prosecution.

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