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First Source Advantage / Awful experience

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I still have the message received this week Dec 29, 2008. I did not respond to him. I downloaded a complaint form to be submitted to the NC State Attorney Generals office, but have not submitted it. The very first thing I did was to google 'First Source Advantage, and found out it was a Scam. Today I found your web site, Sunday Jan 3, 2009, and Here I am. can my report be of any value to you, and can you advise me of a course of action.

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  • Yo
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    Its not a scam... I dont know where you people get this. I can assure you they are real accounts. You guys just want a reason to get out of the debt that you racked up. Not one thing about that company is a scam. They get the accounts from the credit companies so if its a scam contact capital one target or any of the other companies that they collect for.

  • Ta
      9th of Jan, 2010
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    A collector from First Source i asked are you from "FirstSource Advantage"LLC she said no never heard of them. Weird she was calling about the same account First source company was. How do i get the # for capital one target comp? Bet i will find it somehow determined/ Ok : You dont have to say things like "You guys just want a reason to get out of the debt that you racked up" thats too far hope your not a credit collector its that attitude that gives creditors a bad name. I use to think they were suppose to gather info for the purpose of collecting the money that is due. Now i am thinking they are well, , , , not helping anything at all just pushing ppl further away from paying and giving ppl reason to sue= lack of character is hard in person shouldnt be that hard over the phone if collectors are just doing there job. Sure there wiull always be that few ( on both side).
    ps: I know im a bad speller so if u have a neg. remark dont use that sop out i know i owe money but i cant see why companies like firrst source advantage cant take responsability for there actions as well to begin with.(b 4 the lawyers have to come in)

  • Af
      19th of Feb, 2010
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  • Ri
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    Well I for one used to work at First Source and yes most of the things they do ARE illegal. For the most part its the managers/supervisers that are crooked. They run accounts on a computer system called the "Dialer" and it calls every account, even accounts that have been called already, which violates FDCPA. There are different laws for different states. For example, in some states your not to contact a customer more than 2x a week but they still have you call anyway. If you are trying to make arrangements with them, the worse thing you can do is to tell them you want to pay but you need time, cause then you are what they call a "hot account" and they will call you multiple times a day until the debt is paid. I have seen many times where there were customers who wanted to pay but they had a collector lying to them telling them that they can only make arrangements of high amounts of money just so that they can hit their goal. As far as customers getting calls from India, alot of the "hot accounts" go to that site because they own First Source. We used to get so many calls from customers who wanted to deal with the Amherst site but we were told that we were not allowed to work on those accounts and we also couldn't tell customers that the company was owned by them. I think that people need to learn they're rights and know the FDCPA laws so that they know how to fight back against scummy collection companies like FSA. Its sad because there are alot of really good people who work in collections and they really do try to help customers while following the client's guidelines but its companies like this one that give us all a bad rep.

  • Mo
      31st of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Why is it that most of the supervisors and managers at Firstsource Advantage are beyond fat and could be categorized as obese?

    You know who you are. You're the fat food sucking FDCPA violating pigs of this joke of a company.

    You people are pathetic. Can't wait until you have health issues and get collection calls for your coronary bypasses.


  • Ca
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I'm glad Mr.Man above doesn't have any debt hooray for you!! Must be nice to be high and mighty but I agree with the rest of you this is insane and unneccessary. I don't like having bad credit and it certainly doesn't help anything, I did it to myself and I'm the only one that can fix it but that IS NOT an incentive. They must be nuts to think they can have my cheking account number!!!

  • Km
      17th of Oct, 2012
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    I just started with first source a week ago and looking to quit stat!!! the management is rude and belittle the staff. they make you calll carf holders 20-30 times a day harassing them! they are [censored]es!

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