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First Horizon / Modification/Short Sale

1 Victorville, CA, United States

We listen, we understand, we care. Most importantly, we want to help you.

That is the beginning of your own letter sent out to your customers.

That is also a joke.

I have been trying to talk with anyone who knows anything about the Loan Modification that I submitted the paperwork for back in February. Oh, but your paperwork will show it being received at the end of March because it took over a month to be uploaded into your system. When I was told that it would take 10 to 15 days to upload after it is received. I have called at least once a week, basically every time you leave a message on my phone telling me that I am delinquent in my payments, I call your company back to find out what is going on with the Loan Modification.

Normal calls include at least a 30 minute wait on hold.
Then I ask about my Loan Modification and your employees then proceed to tell me that it is under review. I have repeatedly asked that a note be put in my file for someone to please contact me and at least let me know where the Loan Modification is at and/or do I need to send more information to help the process.

I find it ironic that for the last 7 months I have not heard one word from First Horizon regarding the Loan Modification but I have received numerous letters telling me that my house will be foreclosed, that my case has now been forwarded to a Lawyer and I will be responsible for the cost. But the same day that I got the letter about the Lawyer and the cost of all of this I also received a letter from you stating that if I cannot afford to bring my account current that I should consider the following options and if I do it may delay or even alleviate the current legal action. One of the options to choose from is a Loan Modification which I have been trying to do with your company for 7 months now. So my questions is if a Loan Modification can delay or even alleviate the current legal action then why am I receiving letters that say that the necessary required documents have been forwarded to your Attorney to initiate foreclosure proceedings when in fact I am and have been trying to get a Loan Modification completed?

Please review my file, you will find that I did have 3 months of my Mortgage saved and I put that in my initial letter that I did tell them that I would become delinquent in July. That I have called repeatedly and have made no progress what so ever. I was not asking for the Loan Modification to be complete I was just asking for an update other then, "It is under review." I do not think after 7 months an update was to much to be asking for. The last employee of yours that I spoke with, Martine, said that she did not understand why someone has not called me back? That maybe I should resubmit my paperwork. She is telling me to go back and do work that I don't even know if the person reviewing my case even wants. I informed her that all the information is in the new packet that I sent and you have received 9/16/10, the packet is requesting to stop the Loan Modification and start a Short Sale.

I am now requesting a Short Sale. I am hoping that this process goes smoother then the Loan Modification. I know you received the packet that I sent on 9/16/10 at 9:54 am. I know this because as before I sent this with tracking. One of your employees informed me that your Loss Mitigation department can tell me if paperwork was received when it is received. I agrued with him telling him that I have been through this before and that I was told that it would take 10-15 days to upload in your system he said no that they will be able to tell me that paperwork was received. He was greatly mistaken because when I called to see if you have record of the paperwork that you received on 9/16/10, I was told that it takes 10-15 days to upload in the system, Martine told me that. My point to all this is that your employees who actually answer the phones are poorly informed and do not help your customers at all when we are requesting information about pending Loan Modifications. Other then to inform us, "that it is under review."

If my Loan Modification was truly assigned to someone and it has been under review for 7 months. Really how hard is it to establish debt to income ratio and if I can truly afford my home or not? Or at least contact me to let me know if I am missing paperwork or to let me know what is going on with the Loan Modification. I do not think that I am asking to much.

If you truly do stand by your own statement, "We listen, we understand, we care. Most importantly, we want to help you." I would think that my situation would be looked into and that I would be contacted and informed as to what happened with the Loan Modification and if you have record of at least receiving the Paperwork requesting a Short Sale.

Thank you,

Tammy Eversole


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