First Gulf Bank / unethical behaviour threatening by going office

United Arab Emirates

My husband and me got financial crisis and we have loan from FGB, DUNIA and ADCB and credit cards too. because of our financial problem we couldnt pay installment for 2 months. they have already approached my husband HR twice and threatened to meet his Manager and terminate his job. As well as sending legal notice and making my husband to get scared by police complaint.
we informed that we have no plan of abscond and will pay our debts for sure. but give some amount to pay. but they are not listening. My husband is banned to travel already now. we dont have any options other than suicide. they made us to take this decision.

pls help me. how to get out of this and save my husband from them. we dnt have any relative to help in this situation.

Sep 28, 2016

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