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First Gulf Bank [FGB] / my current account - salary issues

1 Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates

For the last month I had an issue with the fab mushrif branch regarding my november 2018 salary, I couldn't withdraw it over the counter. Due to the reason of system integration and merging of the company which I repeatedly got as an excuse from all the employee that I speak with in the branch which also I believe that it is not my fault as a client/customer to have a very bad experience in you bank.
I visited the branch first dealing from counter staff to customer service and to he last resource to the manager. It was last week of november when I started visited the branch and that is also the time before your integration and holiday. Since then I keep coming back to the mushrif branch in multiple times and got the same explanation which is system integration, I have cut my days at work again in multiple times just for me to go to the branch even I have inform them that I work in a remote area where I cannot just leave and go to the bank and its hard for me to have someone to drive me, in that case I though they could understand my situation and at least give some priority to my case, when I got to speak with the asst. Branch manager which is mr mohamed gharib he promise me that he will prioritize my case and even call me to update me he even ask me to sign the fatca form and some documents so I thought the processes will be at least fast but I got but nothing again I was the one who is even calling him but the answer I got is still system issue. When the time I visited the branch again he was not available and gone for vacation without turning over my case to anyone because I was like starting all over again and waiting for nothing. When I am taking to the customer service staff they said there is still no update I went back till last week wednesday and thursday for long hours of waiting and still got but nothing until yesterday again I cut my day and wait for 6 hours until it will be this experience I believe I have the right to be upset or even mad as I have suffered so bad. I cannot accept that when I was seeking for a serious help to the manager yes I was a stressed and not in good mood (who will not for the damage I have experience) he was argue with me his reason I cut the phone while we are talking which is not because I got no remaining mobile balance reason why the line was cut while we are talking in the phone.
When he came back to the branch I went to his office and he started to argue or fought with me because he is insisting that I cut the line to him, this make me more upset and cannot believe on how a manager would want a customer to empathize on his feeling because of phone issue compare to the damage/bad experience that a customer got from the bank? Seriously? This is really unacceptable and beyond reasonable. I would have accept if he will apologize for all the experience I had but he never did even form the start. How would this situation would expect from the customer reaction? This experience affected my job and personal. It is just right for me to have a good service at least or at least sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

I am hoping that you will take time for my complain.

Hoping from hearing you soon!

Noel lito bulaon de leon

Dec 23, 2018

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