First For Women / excess rate

South Africa
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After more than 3 years with First For Women paying R650 per month and not claiming once! I included my cellphone into my car cover a month ago and got a letter stating my new contract details, I noticed that they had increased my excess from R2 500 to R2 750 without notifing me and small print stating that because I'm under the age of 25 I would pay an additional R1500 + on top of the normal excress price ... surely when you give your insurance company your full details they tell you your full excess cost in the event of an accident ...??? I am highly disguisted on the amount of money I have already paid and I much I would need to pay in the event of an accident!!! Just another revolting insurance company that has made me sick to my stomach on their greed!!! I hope to find an insurance company that is upfront about the costs without hidden "expenses".

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