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First for Women Car Insurance / Breach of Contract/False Advertisement

1 South Africa

First for women vehicle claim / rectification: lv venter:

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My car was in an accident on 19 november 2014 in swellendam (Western cape) . It was undriveable and taken by first for women to bredasdorp (Matthee bakwerke) where it was left for a month without anything being done! Then it was taken to worcester (Worcester bakwerke) - where it stayed untill 16 april 2015. Thus i was without a car for 5 months! This despite the fact that i informed first for women repeatedly that i live alone, that i suffer from genetic hemochromatosis which requires that blood has to be taken from me twice a month to control the iron levels in my blood for which i needed my car and that i’m self - employed for which i also needed my car! I got a rental car for only 6 weeks (With a lot of struggle on my part) during this whole 5 month period! This is totally unacceptable and mind boggling.
From the start i was worried about the decision to fix the car rather than write it off as the latter was the opinion of independent experts obtained by me. This opinion was with a view to the damage to my car, i. E. Amongst others damage to the under - carriage, the steering arm, the right front wheel and the control arm. I was also told that these damages, if “fixed” would no doubt lead to further problems in future. First for women however, was of the opinion that they would return my car to me in perfect condition and that i would have no further problems. And as if my struggles to get my car fixed and back in my possesion was not enough, the experts’ opinion has now been proven true:
I finally got my car back after 5 months, only to have the front moulding fall off the first time it was driven and the steering wheel developing a very bad "rattle" sound shortly thereafter, both of which i reported immediately. Nothing was done and finally about 2 weeks ago the warning light for the airbag came on and my car was obviously not safe to drive. My car was only taken away for repairs by first for women on 22 june 2015 (Again i was waiting since mid - april for something to be done) , i was promised updates and a rental car but once again nothing was done and despite numerous phone calls and promises i only found out this morning (30 june 2015) that first for women received a quote for a “sleeve” in the steering wheel that has to be replaced in addition to the new moulding that have to be fitted. When my car was first “repaired” by worcester bakwerke they tried to fit pirate parts which couldn’t be made to fit which resulted that parts had to be ordered from france late in the process which contributed to the delay. As result of this i have no confidence that pirate parts will not be tried to be fitted (Or in fact be fitted) on my car again and have no confidence and trust in first for women. Despite promises i still have no rental vehicle which resulted in the fact that i am literally stranded at home in a new city where i know no one (I moved to bloemfontein in april 2015 for work purposes) . I have been without any transports since i reported the warning light for the airbag on 18 june 2015!!! I have no way to get to the shops, to do my work and to get to the doctor as i have to.
If you take everything into account, i have essentially been without my car / transport for 7 months!!!
This situation is untolerable and in my opinion breach of contract on the side of first for women and i can no longer take this treatment from you. It seems as if i cannot get proper assistance telephonically and i am therefor now writing to you as last resort.

Jun 30, 2015

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