First Data / dejavoo credit card terminal

Portland OR, United States

Switched to Securus for credit card processing. Salesman promised it would save us money. Then found out we had signed a 4 year lease on the terminal for $100.00 per month ($4, 800). You can purchase the same terminal online for under $200.00. Then find out we have to purchase insurance on the machine at $15.00 per month. Now two years into the lease, the terminal will not process all mastercard debit cards. Called Securus and was told the terminal we got to be able to take the chip cards was obsolete and we would have to pay $249.00 to swap for equipment that would work correctly. Do not even talk with a Securus or First Data rep. They will lie, promise trial period while locking you into a 4 year non cancelable lease on the equipment. Any class action law suit, please count me in!

Jan 18, 2017

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