First Data / bad company

Waynesburg, PA, United States

They have the trickiest program going right down to returning your terminal when you are forced to update, which I thought should be covered in the $100 plus maintenance they charge me every year. First time I returned a terminal because of high rates and hidden costs and switched to PNC they continued to take payment from my bank account for 7 months till I got the bank to stop payments. Get this the bank (PNC not much better than FD) said they would only refund the last quarter. This time, four years later, I get notice from PNC MS that I have to update my terminal through, WAIT FOR IT, FIRST DATA. So I watched my statements closely and sure enough after the second month on the new terminal there was a withdraw for the old one they had received back from me 55 days earlier. I think this must be some kind of scam they are running to rake in a couple extra million a year. I know this, after this contract is up there are many CC processors way better than FD and I will choose one of them. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from First Data. Be careful using your local bank also because they probably use FD to process, make sure you ask. That is how I ended up back with them after I left the first time they screwed me over.

Jul 8, 2015

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