First Car Rental SA / Repayment of repair cost

Cape Town, South Africa
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Rented a car in j-burg for 3 weeks and added a tyre and glass insurance. Had a tire explosion. Contacted this company and they told me to have the tire changed and they would repay me.
Did so and when I left the car wrote down what happened, they copied the bill. Three weeks later I contacted them again and said that I have not seen any repayment.
Got the answer that the money was repayed to my mastercard but it could take some time before it was registered. Case closed.
Called mastercard today and they have not seen any repayment. This is 8 weeks after returning the car.
When I ask the rental company for proof of payment, the only answer I get is "case closed".
Obviously they have not done the repayment else they would easily been able to present proof of it.

Jan 10, 2017

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