Firestone Complete Auto Carefailure to provide requested service. misinformation given to customer several times.

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When I got a call that work on my car was completed and I could pick it up, upon my return, I noticed my tires weren't rotated. I knew that because both of the tires on the driver's side had traces of yellow paint on the sidewalls from where I had driven to close to a freshly painted yellow. The mechanic who worked on my car said the tread appeared to be wearing the same on all the tires so he didn't rotate them. I said I should have been informed of his opinion and allowed to make a decision as to whether I wanted to forego rotation, or not.

Failure to provide that requested service prompted me to ask if the suspension was checked specifically the struts and shocks. I noticed my car was handling differently. The manager said they didn't need replacing because they weren't leaking. I asked "don't these parts need to be replaced as part of vehicle maintenance at a certain point in time?" He said no. "You don't want to spend money if you don't have to. Do you?" I went home and did an internet search. The recommendation is to replace at 50K miles. My car has twice that mileage.

I decided to purchase 2 new tires right then because I learned there was a promotion. The manager said I needed 4 new ones. I asked why.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brooklyn, CT He gave me some explanation that didn't make sense; he said something to the effect that the tread on all 4 tires had worn the same. I told him that was not true because two, from the original 4, had to be replaced much later due to road damage. He checked and found I was correct. At that point, he backtracked and said he didn't say I needed to purchase 4 new ones.

Even though I asked for this to be done earlier, I was kept waiting outdoors in the heat for over 15 minutes for someone to put an oil change reminder sticker on my windshield. I had to ask a mechanic working on another car to do it for me. Later I placed a call to the store; I was kept on hold for so long, that I ended up driving back and to address my issue in person. It hadn't gone unnoticed to me how quickly counterpersons pick up the phone and handle these calls, even if it means leaving the customer standing at the counter waiting to complete business.

Somehow I feel that these latter incidents were contrived by the staff because I verbalized my disappointment with the poor service I had received.

Who knows how long this deception and failure to perform services has gone on.
I've frequented this establishment for decades because it is close to my residence. If I continue to get this treatment, I will look around for another auto repair/service shop to patronize.

  • Updated by JJoG, Aug 31, 2018

    The location in the originally posted complaint is incorrect. This occurred in Brooklyn, NY.

Aug 31, 2018
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      Sep 01, 2018

    Took my car in for an inspection and they called me to say one of the wipers was torn and needed replacemeng to pass. That it wouldnt completely clear water from the windshield as required. Here's the thing though I just replaced those blades and it rained last night. When the wipers were turned on this morning there were no streaks on the windshield and no dried water spots afterwards as there would be if it were torn as the mechanic says. I requested to see it when I picked up the car and was told that well it wasn't actually torn but that it had pulled out of the track that holds the blade in. Y'all someone pulled this out. It is a high quality wiper with 3 channels that hold the rubber blade in and was PULLED out at the end. Not worn or torn bc we just replaced it. Then I was told they wouldnt pass it bc the lights were out of alignment and charged $20 to "fix" them. I got home and looked at them on my garage door they are at least 3" off!!! Lying buch of [censored] stole from me and detsroyed my property and when I called the on both the issues the tech couldnt even deny it.

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