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I bought two phones on one contract through Telkom, on the 29th of October it happened that one of the devices purchased was stolen. On the very same day I went to one of the Telkom store for assistance to get the phone blocked, that went well and the consultant managed to do a sim swap for me. I then had to call the insurance company (Finrite) they then gave me all the details I had to have in order to go do an affidavit and open a case. On the 31st I went to the police station and did what I had to do and went to the Telkom store to submit the documents so that they can forward them to the Insurance company. The papers were forwarded the same day and was informed that I will receive a call from them. A week went by with no call at all from the insurance company, then a week later after a expecting a call the consultant from Telkom called me, requesting for the case number as the insurance people never received it, I provided the information AGAIN, on the 15th November I contacted Telkom to advise further with the query, she then provided the Finrite number as she was not winning on her side with them, she then advised that being a client MAYBE things will be handled differently, unfortunately not I used my own airtime to contact them to confirm all the necessary information the agent from the insurance promised to call me back of which never happened, I then called AGAIN to follow up I was told a different story to what was submitted to them, I then requested for the communication between them (Finrite) and Telkom to confirm if there is progress with the issue but was advised that they are not allowed to give out internal information fair enough, I asked the agent will she get in contact with me regarding the matter, the only thing she said was "we will have to wait for the head office to revert back to us, up until then we can't provide you with anything" my question was not answered I asked her AGAIN will you get back to me, she replied back "like I said we have to wait for feedback from the head office, but then if you feel like contacting us you may do that" I picked an ATTITUDE in that statement, I hung up, I then decided to go to the store the next day to follow up and was told that they still have not received feedback. What is frustrating is that, it's about 3 weeks now with no communication at all from Finrite, I have to take up my own time to call them and when you eventually call them the agents are rude. I took out insurance for cases like these, knowing that my issues will be resolved but not in this case. I have to pay my insurance fees, personally call them, take up my own time to go to one of the stores to find out how far are they with my query and up to so far what have I got from (Finrite) NOTHING... I would advise Telkom to opt for a different insurance company as Finrite is incompetent. As mentioned before I have been following up with Finrite regarding my stolen phone, until today there's no positive feedback, I'm always put on hole by Mpho for over 20mins, to get feedback everytime I call, she will then promise to call back but nothing, the manager is also VERY RUDE, I was told today that only one of my devices are insured, IMPOSSIBLE... This is one incompetent service we have in South Africa... I need my phone I'm done calling you back. I handed a matter to Finrite regarding my stolen phone on the 29th October until today I have not received feedback regading my query, I have ran out of patience as there's no information carried out here.. I have been to Telkom there's no feedbdack provided to them as well.. PLEASE HELP CANNOT TAKE THIS INCOMPETENCY ANYMORE.. About two/three weeks back I went back to the store to follow up again the consultant advised that no feedback was given to them, that's when the store manager advised that he will also re-escalate everything from his side as well, until today 12 December 2016 no feedback received from the insurance company again, I had to call Finrite AGAIN to confirm the status of my query Busisiwe then told me that the Line manager only forwarded the query to the underwriters last week Friday 09/12/2016, after so many weeks had gone by, they take their insurance premiums every single month without any hassless from my side, but it's okay for them to take me from pillar to post as they please, the agents from Finrite are very rude and have an attitude I dealt with a couple of them and I'm not happy with the service provided, I'm hoping for a positive feedback

Dec 12, 2016
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  • Ca
      Aug 21, 2018
    Finrite - Cellfone
    South Africa

    Submitted my claim last year September and was approved in May 2018.
    When I got in the shop the cashier advise me with wrong information saying that I can pay the exces fee of r250 can collect it at an It is not nessary to pay tfg store.they will deduct it afterward
    I end up paying for the fone on account

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  • Fi
      Sep 10, 2018

    @Carmen 0000 Good day Sir/Madam

    We acknowledge receipt of your complaint and we would like to assist you accordingly in investigating the matter.

    Could you kindly provide us with your ID/account number in order to assist.

    Kind Regards
    Finrite Complaints Department

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  • Or
      Aug 21, 2018
    Finrite Administrators - Excess fee
    South Africa

    Hi my phone was sent to finrite by egdars kathu to be fixed, the when I got my phone back I paid an excess fee. Unfortunately the phone was still not right and the phone was sent back for reassement . but now I'm required to paid an excess fee again so that my phone can be fixed by finrite . how is this possible

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  • Ma
      Aug 28, 2018
    Finrite Administrators - Cell phone insurance
    South Africa

    I logged a claim with Telkom finrite insurance two weeks till to day I don't have any feedback from them, when contacted their consultants are unprofessional and rude with Telkom is worse

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  • Na
      Sep 05, 2018
    Finrite Administrators - Tablet and phone insurance
    South Africa

    I have been loyal to them for a full year. Never missed my payment. I got robbed. Logged a claim 3 weeks down the line no response...

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  • Ty
      Feb 11, 2019
    Finrite Administrators - Claims department.
    South Africa

    I did everything I was asked to do for my claim to be processed, I was given a reference and bank account and a fee to deposit, I paid the fee, but was told by Karabo Lebogo that I did not pay, please help, I will provide evidence in form of pictures.

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  • De
      Feb 25, 2019
    Finrite Administrators - Vodacom insurance claim
    South Africa

    I handed in my phone on 29 January 2019 and haven't had any feedback. Can't get a straight answer from anyone at vodacom and does finrite actually have paople working for them because I can't get to speak to anyone. I just have to give my details every time I phone and nobody phones back!

    How does one get any information on your claim?

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  • Ju
      Aug 21, 2019
    Finrite Administrators - Insurance
    South Africa

    I cancelled insurance cover for device from Vodacom in July - Finrite have billed me for August and tell me I must wait for the debit order to go through at the end of August, before I can get my refund.
    Hell NO! - I cancelled in July - you have absolutely no right to bill me for something that I have cancelled.
    What kind of organisation is this!

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